Human fingertip abrasion & hand abrasion tester with true simulation

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Pneumatic Drive

With our 30-year experience and a full study of human physiology, it is concluded that a pneumatic actuation is the best and most efficient way to simulate human finger & hand abrasion.
ABREX® is capable of translating the complex human fingertip and hand motions into a standardized testing machine. Compared with other systems which involve either linear drive, or gear system, only ABREX® can simulate the human fingertip and hand movement.

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General abrasion is a common mechanical process on surfaces caused by scuffing, rubbing, or scratching under normal operation or under environmental exposure. Additionally, there is a special abrasion which is generated merely between human fingertip or hand and touched product surface. This special abrasion, namely ABREX®-ABRASION leads to distinct patterns of damages on the materials and its surfaces. It widely appears in many types of consumer products.


ABREX® -ABRASION, is a soft-chemo-mechanical fingertip & hand abrasion tester. The simulated wear pattern matches reality with 99% accuracy. It is a highly complex abrasion process which involves:

  • A 45° angle impact driven by a dynamic pneumatic cylinder attached with a viscoelastic fingertip under a defined load;

  • Then a friction rubbing or tumbling motion between the sample and a textile containing dirt, dandruff, oil, sweat or various types of testing liquids;

  • Followed by a retraction movement with or without the contact at the surface depending on the application.



square_Red_CUT_ABREX-E_2021_01_18 ISPA Produkte0250-01

Dynamic Fingernail Test Module 


Dynamic Fingernail Test Module - Industrial

Red_CUT_ABREX-E_2021_01_18 ISPA Produkte0259

Dynamic Shoe Sole Test Module 

Fingerprint and Cleanability Test (BMW PR 506)


Steering Wheel hand Abrasion Test


Banknote Durability Test


Banknote Limpness Test


Teeth Abrasion Test


・Textile Options

Standard Fabric:

Simulates ABREX®-abrasion according to DIN EN 60068-2-70 / IEC 68-2-70

Standard Textile Fine Wool:

Used for ABREX testing on thin and/or brittle coatings, touchscreen applications, etc.

Standard wool sebum textile

Used for ABREX Display and Touchscreen testing acc. to DFF Spec Touch, Swipe, Zoom etc.

Cotton-Batist Fabric (Denim):

Simulates abrasion with clothing materials (e.g. jeans) according to ISO 105 D01

Cotton-Lawn Fabric:

Simulates abrasion with fine-structured clothing materials (e.g. trouser pockets) acc. to ISO 405 F09

Soiling Fabric:

Simulates soiling behaviour with standard materials (by fats, soot) acc. to BMW GS 97034 and various standards. Two types of soiling fabric are available.

Standardized soiling textile fine

Simulates soiling behaviour with standard materials (fats, soot) acc. to BMW GS97034, GS-94011 for interior parts including displays and touch screen application and other specifications.

Abrasion-Pad “Scrub test”:

Simulates mechanical wear by kitchen and cleaning sponges (M44)

Abrasion-Pad S-1000:

Simulates mechanical abrasion with high-abrasive rubbing pad

Wool Felt H1:

Abrasion test according to various standards, hardness H1

・Disc Options

PMMA discs for Fingernailscratch acc. to BMW GS 97034-2

PVC sharpened tubes for industrial nail scratch

Leather or SBR discs for shoe sole test acc. to BMW GS 97034-3

・Media Options

・Piston & Weight Options

Supply of standard weight to run acc. to various standards
and specifications:

 • 1 N                      • 6 N
 • 1.5 N                   • 8 N
 • 2 N                      • 10 N
 • 3 N                      • 15 N
 • 4 N                      • 20 N
 • 5 N                      • 30 N

Technical Data

  • Load: 1-20N

  • Speed: 60mm/s

  • Friction path: 4 – 40mm

  • Liquid supply: cyclic & manual

  • Fabric supply: cyclic & manual

  • Number of cycles: 1 -100 million

  • Electricity: 230 V/50 Hz CE-conform or 110V/60 Hz

  • Net weight: 50kg

  • Dimension: W 130, H 80, D 60 cm




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