The automotive sector has a complex quality and durability control system. A huge amount of different components, materials, electronic systems and the whole Powertrain design which involves even more a vast range of details. Any item, from this giant list, that isn't perfectly functioning can mean a problem with no proportions for the OEM. Let's take as an example a touchscreen display from a vehicle's control system. The malfunction of this item will create a negative and costly event for the manufacturer. And the final consumer, in this hypothetical case, will have the inconvenience of having to stop using the vehicle to repair the defect. From the Research and Development process, when the company designs a new product, to the Quality Control, when it is verified that the whole process is perfectly executed, Innowep is present with its equipment and advice.

Equipment that allows the analysis of the materials to be used, the documentation of the characteristics of each material and the configuration of a technical specification so that from the initial point of the product, its conception, until the exit of the assembly line, everything is completely under control.

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