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Of German origin, the DFF (Deutsches Flachdisplay Forum) now is a growing international organization of companies and institutions from all over the world, which represent all parts of the Flat Panel Display (FPD) value chain.进行文字修改!

Nowhere else you will find such a unique platform of display excellence to promote your innovative business projects.


The Institute of Machine Elements, also called “Gear Research Centre (FZG)”, has comprehensive facilities for examination and testing of machine elements, such as gears, bearings, synchronizations and couplings. Based on the research results developed here during the past decades, the FZG is the leading international research institute for gears and transmissions today. 



Currently, under the direction of Prof. Poll, about twenty people are working at the IMKT on research into machine elements and tribological topics in the field of drive technology. The focus of interest is on rolling bearing, gear, lubrication and sealing technology.


Equipped with a wide-range and high precision testing machines, ISPA provides a full scope of testing services to make sure your product is under control. In addition, ISPA offers consultancy service and also participates research study in material & surface field. With the intensified cooperation of SKZ, a comprehensive training courses are offered as well.




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It is at the heart of our family business.

We develop and produce quality testing machines for evaluation of your materials, surfaces and coatings.

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