Our products: from ABREX® hand abrasion tester to full scopes of product testing machines

Your worldwide supplier of fingertip abrasion & hand abrasion tester, haptic panel study, and complex bearing/gear friction and fatigue test bench.

Innowep designs and manufactures measuring and testing instruments that allow the characterization of materials, surfaces and final products:

  • Soft chemo-mechanical durability, fingertip abrasion & hand abrasion tester: ABREX®

  • Classical mechanical testing of hand abrasion against lettering and marking: EBREX®

  • Multi-functional and high dynamic scratch/punch/abrasion tester: Dyna-SPA®

  • Universal surface tester with in-situ local resolution for the continuous measurement of indentation, scratch, hardness, deformation, creeping, haptics and much more in macro/micro/nano ranges: UST®

  • Panel study and haptic measurement for material and coating design

  • Bearing/gear friction and fatigue test bench: FARAX®

  • 3D optical measurement systems for topography, thin coating thickness and quantification of wear rate: TRACEiT®

  • Micro-Calotest for wear and coating thickness testing: Taperader®

Performing real simulation of human fingertip abrasion and hand abrasion according to worldwide standards, OEM specs and many more

Specially designed ABREX® hand abrasion & fingertip abrasion tester for your touchscreen and display durability
Reliable fingertip durability tester for your touchscreen

Combo tester for fingertip abrasion & hand abrasion and dynamic scratch

3-station fingertip abrasion & hand abrasion tester for massive Q&A

Universal surface tester with high local resolution

All-in-one tester for dynamic scratch, punch and abrasion

Traditional abrasion tester for markings & letterings caused by rubbing of fingers & hands

Statistic study and quantitative measurements on biophysical properties with human tactile perception

Mobile 3D non-contact optical profilometer for topography & visual documentation

Full scale of bearing or gear test bench for both lubricant evaluation and component friction and fatigue test
Patented design for micro-calotest with quantitative measurement of coating thickness


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