We are Innowep:

From hand abrasion & finger abrasion tester to complete material component friction and fatigue test bench

We’re innovators, haptic study pioneers,
developers, research partners,
But above all,
in our hearts, we are engineers.

With distinct focus on quality machines for
materials and functional testings
And the driving force of innovation.

With new testing machines,
we will always find the most suitable solution for you.

With our great design and
performance made in Germany.
We have been innovating since 1990.

Because that’s what we stand for.
And have been standing for 30 years.

Wordwide supplier of finger abrasion and hand abrasion tester, haptic and panel test service, and complex material & surface property measuring systems.

INNOWEP is a global leader in design and manufacture of fingertip and hand abrasion testing machine and human physiology based haptic study.

Over the last 30 years, Innowep has been working closely with many industry leading companies, universities, research institutes and government agencies for product design, R&D and industrial standardization.

Innowep is comprised of the following series:
• Fingertip abrasion and hand abrasion testers: ABREX® series and EBREX®
• Haptic testers and panel test service: UST ® series and TRACEiT®
• All-in-one scratch and abrasion tester: Dyna-SPA®-Tester
• Complex material and component fatigue rigs: FARAX®, Bearing/Gear test rigs,standard and upgraded FE8, FE9, and FZG test rigs

Innowep also actively participates in many national and international government and industrial research projects and working groups. We provide our competencies and our instrumentations for our customers, research projects as well as implementing contract testing services.


We are happy to help!

“Made in Germany” Engineering

It is at the heart of our family business.

We develop and produce quality testing machines for evaluation of your materials, surfaces and coatings.

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