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Innowep has been monitoring, in these more than 30 years of operation, different scenarios of human behavior when handling objects and surfaces. With each new technology or the development of new products, companies that supply services and equipment need to understand new habits and adapt quickly in a precise and scientific way. Our research and development team is always at the forefront to ensure that our partners can be sure that when a customer touches their product, the quality, durability and haptic are absolutely under control.

Gears, Bearings and Lubricants under Control

Innowep's most recent line of work is directly linked to the real revolution we are experiencing in the world industry. The rapid development of E-mobility and the extreme need for energy solutions has created a demand on the control of bearings, gears, clutches and lubricants. This demand needs to be met completely, constantly and worldwide. Innowep's Tribology sector has created a team of engineers to be able to monitor each need in this sector individually. Not only in the supply of test equipment, but also technical support, training, software, calibrations and supply of parts and upgrades. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, across the globe.

Innovation + Invention + Design

The best way to demonstrate how important it is to constantly update and research the test equipment sector can be by looking at the image below. Taking the telephone as an example, applying the model used in the 90's, when Innowep started its activities. It is a simple operation device with mechanical buttons whose main concerns were: resistance to finger weight load and digital abrasion on the printing of the numbers of each button. Over time, the product has changed completely. Today, we have to analyze the effects of finger and hand contact with different surfaces, with different finger movements, with different pressure loads of this contact and, which all points to the newest trend, flexible displays that need to guarantee the durability and remain sensitive and accurate to the touch. Every day, a new product, a new technology, a new material. A constant challenge that gave us the motto of Innovation, Invention and Design.

The Importance of the Haptic

When touching a product, the sensation of this act is automatically encoded and sent to our brain. This detailed and complex operation allows us, as human beings, to complete the concept of an object. Accompanied by vision, smell and hearing, touch gives us important data about the surface we are in contact with and this must be taken into account when choosing the materials that will make up a product. What data do you want to pass on to your customer when he touches your product? Innowep is a pioneer in the research and implementation of Panel Test and Haptic Study for the most diverse sectors of the world industry. Partners who are concerned that their customers' experience is perfectly aligned with the values planned by their Research and Development team.

Head Office Innowep GmbH

Innowep GmbH was founded in 1990 in the city of Würzburg, Bavaria, Germany. It has established itself as a world leader specializing in material and surface testing as well as characterization and documentation. In this journey of more than 30 years, Innowep has partners with the largest and most important OEMs in the world and participates in the most diverse sectors of the World Industry in addition to Universities and Research Institutes. Whether in Research and Development or in Quality Control, Innowep is present with equipment, technical support, standardization and consulting all over the planet.


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