It is always important and critical to choose the right measuring tool and methodology to achieve sensible results which will help to make the right decision for the design, R&D and Q&A departments of a company. Very often a commonly used test method or a testing instrument is applicable for one specific application, but gives a completely different result in another application.

Fingertip & hand abrasion is a very unique soft-chemo-mechanical abrasion between human fingertip & hand and the material surface. The damage due to this movement appears different from the other abrasion pattern. Innowep has successfully combined the mechanical configuration with human physiology, and transferred into a testing instrument with repeatable and reproducible results. In addition, Innowep has helped to establish over 50 different testing methods that are used to evaluate a wide range of mechanical properties of the materials and surface coatings which are applied in both interior and exterior automotive parts.


Soft-chemo-mechanical fingertip & hand abrasion

Main features of human Fingertip:

 • viscoelastic

 • curved structure

 • rough surface

 • inhomogeneous and nonlinear

 • containing dandruff, dirt, swear, fat, lotion, cream

 • Standard silicone stamp represents the viscoelasticity of the fingertip;

 • Standard fabric/textile represents the rough structure and texture of the fingertip;

 • Standard liquid can be artificial sweat, hand cream and many more;

 • Dynamic load is applied via the piston/stamp onto the sample surface with a fixed 45o angle



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