Bearings and Lubricants under control.

Purpose of the Device

FARAX®-Bearing-7208 is a test rig for testing and comparing different type of oils. Therefore, a set of two bearings (7208 size) can be tested with different lubricants. A motor drives the bearings, a hydraulic load can be applied, and a set of sensors is measuring the relevant parameters during the test run.

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It can test the fatigue performance of various types of bearings: Conical, Spherical, Cylindrical Roller, Angular Contact, Deep Groove Ball...

• Tested bearing range: 30-450mm

• Speed: 3,000–18,900rpm (depending on field of application)

• Realize pure axial, pure radial, axial/radial simultaneous load

• Load: up to 100kN (hydraulic)

• Online torque measurement

• Multiple lubrication methods: oil immersion, oil spray, drip oils

Power (motor)13.5 kW
Voltage400 V
Weightca. 900 kg (1984 lbs)
Software version1.00
Operating temperature15 to 40 °C (59 to 104 °F)
Humidity range40 to 65 % relative humidity (RH)
Speed0 – 18000 rpm
Maximum torque
10.7 Nm

Fixture-type design, replace the test head to meet the fatigue test of different types/sizes of bearings



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