Worldwide standardised hand abrasion tester
for markings and letterings caused
by rubbing of fingers and hands

Hand abrasion tester with competitive price

The INNOWEP EBREX® Hand Abrasion Tester is the state of the art testing machine for the special environmental testing “Abrasion of markings and letterings caused by rubbing of fingers and hands” according to IEC 68-2-70 and EN DIN 60068-2-70.

With our newly designed user interface and high quality linear drive as well as increased functionality, the price of the EBREX is 30% less than the tester available in the market.

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With the Swiss-made linear drive, EBREX® is designed to test lab samples, parts and the final products with a controlled speed.

Combined with additional liquid supply and various functional modules, it fulfills many international standards and specifications.

The uniqueness, the versatility and the flexibility allows this special testing machine EBREX® to comply with multiple test conditions including IEC 68-2-70 and DIN EN 60068-2-70.

With our 30-year experience in hand abrasion and durability testing, the INNOWEP EBREX® assures the most reliable results with great reproducibility and repeatability.

With a great reliability and cost-effective solution, our mission is to provide you with a comprehensive strategy for the material and surface quality of your products.

Friction Path4-40 mm
Speed60mm/s (adjustable up to 1500mm/s)
Piston20mm Standard
10mm Standard
LiquidAutomatic | Manual
FabricAutomatic | Feed Adjustable
Electricity230V / 50Hz; 110V / 60Hz

EBREX® hand abrasion tester is to test the human hand stress on various product surfaces under real conditions according to international standards.

Examples of Industries and Application:

Transport and Mobility
Entertainment and Communication
Medicine and Pharmaceuticals
White Goods and Home Appliances
Paper Security
Watches and Jewelry
Sanitary Elements
Electrical Industry



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