Bearings and Lubricants under control.

Rolling Bearing Grease Test Rig

acc. to DIN 51821 with 5 test units for rolling bearing grease (service-lifetime)

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FARAX-Bearing-FE9 test rig is designed and used especially for examining the service life of greases in ball bearings. The test rig complies with DIN 51821. FARAX-Bearing-FE9 basic unit includes a solid test bench with 5 test heads (testing bearing of FAG 529689A with a JP-type cage) installed, a central control electronic cabinet and designated software. The central electronic cabinet is able to control the electric motor, the temperature of the hearing system in the test head, and the setup of bearing run-times. Each test station is individually controlled and also equipped with an automatic shut-down device as an emergency stop for the moment of friction of the bearing. Therefore, any further destruction of the test bearing or any unnecessary damage to the test head can be prevented.


 • Test bearing: FAG 529689A with a JP-type cage;

 • Five test stations with individual control for operation;

 • Bearing temperatures: up to 250°C;

 • External heating system;

 • Various axial load steps of 1.5, 3.0 and 4.5 kN;

 • Motor: three-phase, adjustable

Detailed description of test station:

 • A pre-clamping device

 • An external heating system

 • Thermocouple for temperature measurement

 • A lid cover acting as the thermal insulating hood prevents heat loss


DIN 51821 describes a test method for evaluation of ball bearing lubricants, while in this test, the ball bearing itself is a reference test element. The lubricant changes during the application time (aging). To achieve a sensible conclusion on the quality of lubricant, tests must therefore be repeated several times. In addition, each test requires an extra long run-time and the test must last until the failure of the lubricant. As a result, a multi-station solution is necessary to ensure the total result for statistical purposes. FARAX-Bearing-FE9 test rig offers a basic unit to run DIN standard test, as well as several other options for adapting different test conditions for various applications. These include a variety of test loads, speeds, mounting variants and the number of the test stations.



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