Synchronizer rings are evaluated on a FARAX-ZF/FZG-SSP180 synchro test-rig for the study of the tribological properties and wear behavior.


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A standard synchronizer-test-rig FARAX-ZF/FGZ-SSP180 was developed by the Gear Research Center (FZG) of the Technical University of Munich, is now under the product line at Innowep labeled as FARAX-ZF/FGZ-SSP180.

It is a well established test rig and test method to evaluate friction and wear properties of friction materials in synchro-systems under varying loads.


Normal test procedure involves first a quick evaluation of the friction behavior under varying loads the "p-n load-step”.

• 1,000 cycles at each load step;
• Load steps: pressure p via the axial force Fa;
• Rotational speed differential ∆n;
• The pressure steps: p = 3 – 5 – 7 MPa;
• Rotational speed difference ∆n = 800 – 1100 – 1600 rpm.
• Endurance long term friction and wear test:
• constant pressure: 5 MPa and a constant rotational speed differential ∆n = 1600 rpm for up to 100,000 cycles.
• Temperature: 80°C. In each shifting cycle, the pressure p is predetermined and the resulting friction torque is measured as a function of time. The coefficient of friction µ and other parameters such as synchronization time are calculated.



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