Gears and Lubricants under Control

Innowep has developed FARAX-Gearbox series to test the friction and fatigue property of a complete gearbox either used in conventional powertrain or e-drives. A complete gearbox from the end user can be integrated into the test rig, and a selected drive unit, shaft design, supporting slave gearbox and many more, can be customized and manufactured to best suit your requirements.

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FARAX-Gearbox test rig composed of a suitable drive unit, a customized test gearbox, well-designed shafts, slave gearbox, proper lubrication unit, a central electronic cabinet with an extra measuring cabinet, to ensure precise measurements and conclusive testing with high reproducibility. Inline measurement includes load, torque and vibration, temperature as well as various lubrication methods. Test rigs with customized gearbox have been built and fatigue tests have been carried out.



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