Test rigs for Multi-Disk-Clutches & Synchronizers

Multi-disk clutches and synchronizers are used to achieve smooth engagement of spinning parts in automotive transmissions. To test these components, rigs are used that replicate the conditions they would experience in a vehicle, such as high speeds and various loads. Common test rigs are mechanical dynamometers, vibration rigs, and high speed test benches. The rigs measure torque, speed, and power, and can also be used to test for noise and vibration. Additionally, the rigs can be used to measure the behavior of the components under different temperatures and conditions.

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The normal operation of the machine is inseparable from the gears. During the meshing process, the gears have relative rolling and relative sliding. The action of these two kinds of force makes the shear stress of the pulsating cycle change deep in the surface layer of the gear. Under the repeated action of this shear stress, the tooth surface will cause local metal peeling and damage.

FARAX®-Gear series gear testing machine is a gear fatigue testing machine jointly developed by German Innowep company, adhering to the excellent quality tradition of German manufacturing, and integrating experts, professors and software engineers in mechanical engineering, material science, tribology and other fields. Innowep, Germany, originated from Würzburg, is a manufacturer of testing equipment for a full range of mechanical properties of materials and coatings. The main equipment includes fatigue friction testing machines for key components such as bearings, gears, and gearboxes. With nearly 30 years of rich experience in material surface lubrication and many other fields, customers cover major bearing and gear manufacturers around the world and related fields. The product line designed and manufactured by the company includes bearing fatigue testing machines, various first-class material science friction and wear testing machines, and special fatigue testing machines for the electric vehicle industry.

FARAX®-Gear gear testing machine is a series of equipment of one of Innowep's major product lines, including FARAX®-Gear-MS mechanical standard FZG testing machine, FARAX®-Gear-MU mechanical upgraded version FZG testing machine, and FARAX®-Gear-H hydraulic high torque gear testing machine.

This series of testing machines is mainly used to evaluate the performance of lubricants and simulate the movement form of gears in mechanical equipment, to study the fatigue performance, wear resistance and anti-skid performance of gears, and to provide boundaries and basis for gear design and application. The equipment can meet the fatigue test of gears of different sizes by changing fixtures of different sizes.




The FARAX®-Gear-MU gear testing machine is an upgraded version of the gear testing machine. It has a high-speed motor and is designed with the principle of internal load power cycle to realize the cycle of test power and reduce power consumption during the test. An independently designed mechanical loading system is loaded on one of the power shafts to apply the load moment required for the test. Both power shafts are equipped with torque sensors, which can measure torque loss online in real time. This upgraded testing machine can also perform standard FZG test and micropitting test.

The equipment testing machine is driven by a high-speed variable frequency vector motor, and the test variable speed range is 100-6000rpm, which is continuously adjustable. The driving motor and the power shaft are installed in parallel, which facilitates the installation and replacement of the two gearboxes. Equipped with a set of test gear boxes and a set of accompanying test gear boxes. Realize the test tooth spacing of 91.5mm, and can test standard 91.5mm gears, including standard FZG gears.

The option includes an independent lubricating oil circulation injection system, which is equipped with nozzles with adjustable diameters to perform oil injection lubrication and immersion lubrication on the test gearbox. The lubrication unit is directly controlled by the main electronic control system. The lubricating oil temperature, loading torque, vibration and other parameters of the gearbox can be set and measured in real time through the control system, so the system can be tested according to the fixed parameters, and can also run through the set parameter curve.

The collection and display of system test data are realized through the central controller.

The central control system is equipped with a dedicated industrial-grade computer and test software, which is convenient for experimenters to operate and observe test data.



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