Bearing E
Bearings and Lubricants under control.

Purpose of the Device

Friction/wear and fatigue behaviour of materials, coatings and the corresponding lubricants are essential for industrial product quality and functionality. The fast development in E-mobility requires different types of friction and fatigue test.

The FARAX®-E fatigue test rig is especially designed for the study of the fatigue life of various components applied in the electric car under loaded and high speed condition.

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Drive motor:

Achieve the highest test speed of 30,000rpm

Hydraulic loading:

To achieve simultaneous axial and radial loading, with a maximum load of 100KN

Measurement system:

Online measurement of torque, temperature, vibration, etc

E-Mobility is the term used to describe any and all vehicles that are powered by an electric motor. The urgent need to replace energy generated by fossil fuel with a more sustainable matrix is driving the development of transportation solutions using electricity as an energy source. Cars, buses, boats, scooters, motorcycles, bicycles, airplanes, and many other means of transport are evolving every day into E-mobility products.

All these electric motors used in each of these products have components and materials that must be tested and controlled from the moment of their conception - in the Research and Development department - to the end of the assembly line before being delivered to consumers.

Gears, bearings, lubricants and other components are being used at high rotation, different scenarios, temperatures, torque, etc.

Innowep has a line of Tribology Test Rigs, and in this line we highlight the Farax-E equipment. It is a complete and customizable tool that must be present in the manufacturing process of E-mobility products.

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